Let’s talk about chiropractic pillows…why are they necessary?

You probably don’t need a chiropractor to spell out for you the importance of a good night sleep.

Everyone knows that sleeping is up there with eating and breezing in the list of things that you better do – and you better do well.

Most people are aware of the impact diet has in their daily life, and in their ability to perform at peak level… and still, we often take sleep for granted: you do it enough or you don’t – and that is the extent of the concern.

But a good night sleep is not merely the result of sleeping an appropriate number of hours. As most everything else we do with this subtle body of ours, proper posture is fundamental, and that fact is never better illustrated than in the case of the head and neck.

Maintaining proper posture in the neck throughout the night is a difficult enterprise, because most of us tend to move around in bed, and the judicious position we adopted at the beginning of the night is not often the one we end up in – not even the one in which we spend most of the night.

Propping up a regular pillow – a good feather one, maybe – will temporarily provide the necessary support. But such pillows lose their shape and, in any case, what we setup for the initial position in not necessarily ideal for the successive slumbering postures.

NORMALIZER Chiropractic Pillows

We recommend NORMALIZER chiropractic pillows as these foam pillows provide the means for a gentle and consistently correct support for your neck. This is true no matter what position you choose to sleep in.

Furthermore, they come in both regular and firm models, to fit your preference for an amazing night of restful and replenishing sleep.

The NORMALIZER chiropractic pillows are approved by the Canadian Chiropractic Association. They are made of 100% pure non-allergenic polyurethane foam and their covers are removable for ease of washing. They come in a variety of sizes, including some for children. There is even a travel Size!

Remember to pick up your pillow next time you visit us – you won’t regret it!

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