Cupping is a therapeutic vacuum applied to the skin. This therapy is beneficial to the muscles, fascia and circulation of the body, and useful for such conditions as painful muscles, restricted range of motion, impaired fluid movement, and acute and chronic injuries.

Cupping benefits include:

  • Relaxes fascia and muscles at the superficial and deep levels of the body
  • Loosens and releases adhesions to allow for proper movement of tissues.
  • Relieves inflammation through improved circulation
  • Relaxes the nervous system Increases blood flow to the treatment site
  • Moves and drains excess fluids, expels congestion and cellular debris

After treatment care:

Stay warm, keep the area treated covered and avoid exposure to wind, cold, and/or wet weather conditions for the rest of the day. Drink plenty of water to encourage elimination of cellular debris from tissues. Avoid direct sunlight on the cupped area and extremely hot conditions (such as sauna’s, hot tubs) for the rest of the day. Avoid aggressive exercise the rest of the day, but light stretching and range of motion are beneficial

Frequency of treatment:

You may repeat the cupping treatment once your previous cupping marks have cleared. Cup marks vary, and it is common for marks to range between 3-14 days, while some people don’t get them at all. Your marks and colours will tell the practitioner specific information about your condition and is useful for both prognosis and diagnostic purposes.

Marnie Kickbush, R.Ac
West Shore Wellness