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At age 20, Dr. Hunter had an accident that resulted in a fractured spinal vertebrae. The Orthopaedic Surgeon informed Dr. Hunter that he required spinal fusion of neck vertebrae C4-C5-C6. Dr. Gus Lodewyks, a chiropractor in Winnipeg, analyzed the x-rays of a fracture and informed Dr. Hunter that surgery was not indicated.  Dr. Lodewyks was a Gonstead technique trained practitioner. This training allowed him to work on Dr. Hunter’s spine with a fracture present. Through chiropractic care Dr. Hunter recovered completely and was inspired to become a chiropractor himself!

Dr. Hunter graduated cum laude from Palmer College of Chiropractic of Iowa in 1989. He received extensive training in Gonstead technique while at college. Dr. Hunter has always been focused on specific chiropractic adjustments that corrects spinal problems as well as joint problems of the extremities. Chiropractic problems can affect any age, “I get a lot of satisfaction helping patients get well, ages 0-100.”

Dr. Hunter has been fortunate enough to present chiropractic technique seminars to chiropractors. He started the “Fill Up Your Toolbox” technique seminar in 2008 and is happy to share his knowledge.


Dr Paul’s Fee Schedule

  • Intake appointment, $65
  • Follow up visit, $55
  • Special family rates available