Developed by Core Products, these soft, breathable elastic low back support belts are ventilated to provide cool comfort.  Anti-roll stays help keep this 9″ high belt in place. The double pull design provides inward and upward support to the abdomen, helping to relieve strain on the lower back.

The lower back belt can be worn at home or work, while exercising or just sitting in the car to help maintain proper posture. Hot or Cold gel packs are easily inserted and replaced into the lower back belt to provide relief for injuries, muscle strains, and stiffness.

Price $70

  • Cool & comfortable to wear.
  • Multiple sizes.
  • Dual-pull action helps relieve lower back pain.
  • Ventilated elastic is cool and comfortable to wear.
  • Helps promote proper posture.
  • Washable.
Manufactured by Core Products.

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