Chiropractic Pillows

Let’s talk about chiropractic pillows…why are they necessary? You probably don’t need a chiropractor to spell out for you the importance of a good night sleep. Everyone knows that sleeping is up there with eating and breezing in the list of things that you better do – and you better do … Read more about Chiropractic Pillows

Core Low Back Support Belt

Developed by Core Products, these soft, breathable elastic low back support belts are ventilated to provide cool comfort.  Anti-roll stays help keep this 9″ high belt in place. The double pull design provides inward and upward support to the abdomen, helping to relieve strain on the lower … Read more about Core Low Back Support Belt


Orthotics are an effective way to correct the alignment of the body and help fix foot irregularities through a custom developed shoe insert. Orthotic inserts are created specifically for your foot and have been proven to dramatically reduce foot, leg and back pain. At West Shore Wellness, we … Read more about Orthotics