Chiropractors provide specific adjustments suited to your bodies needs, improving the function of the skeletal and nervous systems.


Misalignments, fixations or other abnormalities are checked to determine what steps to proceed with to resolve these issues.


Chiropractic promotes health and overall wellness by focusing on prevention as well as working with acute problems.

Start on the road to wellness.

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Chiropractic News

Chiropractic Pillows

Let’s talk about chiropractic pillows…why are they necessary? You probably don’t need a chiropractor to spell out for you the importance of a good night sleep. Everyone knows that sleeping is up there with eating and breezing in the list of things that you better do – and you better do well. Most people are… Read more about Chiropractic Pillows

Core Low Back Support Belt

Developed by Core Products, these soft, breathable elastic low back support belts are ventilated to provide cool comfort.  Anti-roll stays help keep this 9″ high belt in place. The double pull design provides inward and upward support to the abdomen, helping to relieve strain on the lower back. The lower back belt can be worn at home… Read more about Core Low Back Support Belt

What Our Clients Say…

  • Dr Hunter's attention to detail was appreciated. I came in with extreme pain and no ability to move my neck/head and he managed to relieve the pain and later that day followed up with a phone call to check in a see how I was making out. He provided great detail on the root of the problem and a plan to execute in order to provide healing. I have been very happy with West Shore Wellness, and Dr Hunter.
    Graeme & Karli Ross
  • Saturday hours and some of the best chiropractors in town, particularly Dr. Hunter. Worth the drive to Colwood!
    Derek Roberts
  • Great experience and nice employees
    Nicole C.
  • I have been going here for over 25 years. The staff are very friendly and Dr Hunter is amazing.
    Sandra Post